Rockin', Jumpin', & Swingin' music to renovate your soul...


Paul Gorosh - Drums/Vocals

By the age of two Paul was already getting sidetracked by music, riding his tricycle and strumming his ukulele while his older brother rehearsed his band in the basement of their Nanaimo home. Paul then started on saxophone in elementary school and soon after meeting the famous Nanaimo Gogo clan picked up the guitar and drums. Paul continued with high school band and the Malaspina College Jazz Program and enjoyed stints in a range of rock and jazz outfits until meeting Howard and Sean in 2003. Recognizing a unique chemistry the trio began to nurture their sound as the RBB.

Discovering the great joy in swing blues has been transformative for Paul. It is a genre that combines clever lyrics and storytelling with infectious danceability while allowing for improvisation and musical communication. The big bass drum came about from Paul's vision of the marching band drum and how you can feel the thump from down the street. Put it in a room and there would be no need to amplify it. It should be the right drum for any acoustic situation and also works for the big RBB logo!


A little about the band...

Sean Kilback - Guitars/Vocals

Sean is the guitarist and a vocalist for RBB. He specializes in drawing great big musical sounds from a gathering of old guitars and vintage tube amplifiers, for which he is in a certified recovery program. Born in Victoria and raised in Nanaimo, he now resides in Duncan. Doing things absolutely backwards he started a family first then joined a band. Meeting Howard and Paul in early 2003 led to many musical adventures including forming the RBB in 2006.
Music has always been a critical part of life but the blues comes first, especially if it has a little swing. Traveling the world for several years including repeated trips to Austin and Dallas, California, and the UK allowed him to soak up authentic flavours of blues (and BBQ) in smoky clubs and bring 'em back home. Some influences include BB King, Jimmie Vaughan, Junior Watson, Alex Schultz, Rick Holmstrom, and the guitar players in the Kim Wilson, Howling Wolf, and Little Walter bands.


Howard Mallett - Bass/Vocals

Darcy Phillips - Piano/Organ

HM….grew  up on the prairies in a musical family choirs, school bands, and finally a rock n’ roll band at high school.  Dabbled with Country, Swing and ‘Vaudeville-type’ music groups touring BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan.  Moved to the Island 18 years ago and have played with Renovation Blues band for upwards of 6 years.


Darcy has been in the music biz for more decades than he cares to mention. Though he loves to dabble in other styles, he always seems to find himself coming back to the blues. For several years now, it's been his pleasure to rock out with the one and only Renovation Blues Band!


Renovation Blues Band

The band typically plays as a 4-piece with Paul Gorosh (drums/vocals), Sean Kilback (guitars/vocals), Howard Mallett (bass/vocals), Darcy Phillips (piano/organ) to provide the full-on RBB experience.

Alternately, for more intimate venues Paul, Sean, and Howard perform as the Renovation Blues Trio.

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